Keep your gi in perfect condition!

Your KO karate gi is a top quality product that makes you look great on the tatami and you want to keep it that way. Washing is no problem of course but please read these 5 tips to keep your gi as crispy and white as you bought it.

5 tips to keep your gi crispy, fresh and white:

  1. Don't wash your gi too hot! 30 degrees Celsius, preferably on a 'careful washing and drying' program will do just fine.
  2. Pre-soak only with a non-aggressive stain remover.
  3. You may use a fabric softener to make ironing easier.
  4. After you take your gi out of te washing machine, smoothen it out by hand before you hang it to dry. This will make ironing even easier afterwards.
  5. Don't put your gi in the dryer!
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