KO is a family business

Ever since Carmelo Malleo started his business over 30 years ago, the handmade production of our KO karate gi has alway been a family business and 100% Italian: the design and production and also the use of pure Italian cotton. When Carmelo began, he was a valued member of the Italian national karate team and he wanted to create a karate gi that would meet the needs of top competitors. He succeeded and still does, because also today professional KO karate gi are worn by many International karate champions in kata and kumite. Nowadays, we also make karate gi for beginners and children, wit the same care and passion for the sport, but cheaper. This way, every karateka can wear a real KO gi and feel like a champion!

KO Karate gi are handmade in our fairly small production facility in Bari, Italy, the pictures below are taken there.

KO Productie handgemaakt 1.jpgKO Productie handgemaakt 2.jpgKO Productie handgemaakt 3.jpgKO Productie handgemaakt 4.jpg

KO Productie handgemaakt 5.jpgKO Productie handgemaakt 7.jpg

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